Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Payday lenders cashing in on credit crunch

When we’re struggling to make ends meet, it is easy to turn to other methods of funding. This week, Debt Management Today explores the growing use of payday loans, and the effect they are having on the debt management sector as a whole.

With the Payday loans with a bankruptcy industry worth an estimated £1.2 billion, according to the Mail Online, and growing fast, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of clients entering debt management plans have previously turned to payday loans in an attempt to get some quick cash?

Bev Budsworth, Managing Director at The Business Debt Advisor explained further: “We have seen a definite increase in debtors who have taken out payday loans – I think there has been formidable growth in recent times.

“We get a lot of people referred to us because they have been trying to get loans to pay off their payday loans but have been declined.

“People are not always cognizant of the fact that they need help and are just desperate to get hold of money as the payday loan creditor has their debit card and will take the money out at the end of the week or month, leaving them without enough money to live on.”

Vance Parsons, Director of Euro Debt, agreed: “With the rising cost of food, fuel and utility bills against stagnant wage inflation and reduced income due to a struggling jobs market, the wait for pay day can seem never-ending for families already under financial pressure. As a consequence, more and more people are being tempted by the offer of payday loans.”

This type of loan can seem very attractive because of the lack of credit checks, and for those heavily in debt the idea of paying back only a small amount at a time can appear to be the ideal situation. However, the cost can easily add up.

Vance Parsons continued: “We know that almost a quarter of people that come to us for help do so because they have got themselves into a spiral of debt, robbing Peter to pay Paul. As interest mounts, the debt spiral deepens. Payday loans just add to this misery as all too quickly the cost of the loan increases, making it difficult to withdraw from the agreement.”

A lot of debt management companies come across individuals with more than one payday loan. Bevy Buds worth clarified: “More frequently, customers we help with debt management plans have at least two to three payday loans – however one of our clients has 13.”

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