Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Easy Bridging Loans – Timely Finance to Purchase a Property

A timely finance in hand is most crucial when you need to buy a home or any commercial property immediately. For instance, people who buy property at auction need funds quickly. You cited a new dream home and do not have adequate money. You want to sell old home but it will take time. It is circumstances like these when you can choose to pick up a bridging loan. Generally, these are easy loans as the approval comes with minimum documentation and without going into lengthy process of a usual loan.

Secured Loans take around a week, before the borrower finally receives the fund. On the other hand, an advantage of bridging loan is that the access to finance is generally within 24 hours. One reason for such fast approval is that there is an urgency involved in the purpose of the loan.

Another factor that makes a bridging loan easier to avail on time is that the risks for the loan providers are usually remote. This is because the borrower pledges a residential or commercial property as collateral. The amount under a bridging loan ranges from £25000 to £3 million; depending on the value of the property, against which you take the loan. These are short-term loans, which you can repay in few months to a year.

Furthermore, because of urgency and minimum risks for the lenders, the loan approval comes without credit checks. This implies that even bad credit history people, with late payments, arrears, defaults or CCJs can find the approval on time.

However, these are costly loans for the borrowers. The borrowed amount carries a high interest rate because of short term. Therefore, you should make a good search for a suitable deal. You can choose to repay the principal amount at the time when you have arranged the whole money from own sources. Until then, you have the option of repaying the interest only as installments.

Ensure that before applying for the Easy Bridging Loans, you have extensively searched internet for finding a suitable deal. Pay off the loan on time or you may incur debts.