Friday, March 14, 2008

Fast Personal Loans: Apt in Urgent Cash Requirements

Want to settle a medical bill or wedding expenses or want to purchase some article or need money for fulfilling any personal needs but are tired of waiting for sanctioning of loan. Well here is a scheme for all those who want loan for urgent purpose- Fast personal loans.

Brief review

Fast personal loans are unsecured type of loans where the applicant should not keep any collateral to achieve loan. Since here no security related checks and inspection is required the loan is sanctioned very fast. The applicant can borrow an amount between £100 to £1000 and even more depending on the situation how much he wants. The applicant can apply online too. The applicant has to fulfill some requirements set by lender and the loan will be sanctioned after verifying personal information. Some times the time taken to sanctioning will be around an hour. Because of fast sanctioning and absence of collateral all bad credit peoples can also apply for this loan.

Rate of interest and repayment tenure

The rate of interest charged for fast personal loans is high. The reason is because of absence of collateral lender will be facing maximum risk. But high rate is not a problem when compared to the loan taken. Since the amount is small, the total amount paid back will not large. The fees charged ranges between £10 to £ 30 per hundred. The repayment tenure is very short and it ranges from two weeks to 30 days. The repayment can be done weekly or full amount can be repaid at once depending on the agreement between the lender and borrower.


• Fast sanctioning

• No collateral to be kept

• Can apply online too

• Applicable to bad credit history persons too.