Monday, July 02, 2007

Save Money with Low Cost Loans

Low Cost Loans, in simple words can be defined as cheap loans. But if we ask to group of person that what are low cost loan. Then each and every individual in a group will define this term in different way. Because for some people low cost means low rate of interest and for some it may be flexible repayment period. So, we can say that it totally depends on the individual circumstances of a person.

But, what are low cost loans?

In financial market the low cost loans can be defined as combination of the low annual percentage rate and favorable terms & conditions. The key of getting the low cost loan is the searching for the lender offering the low APR and terms which match your needs and requirements.

Another factor which makes the loan cheap is the collateral placed against the amount. The collateral makes the lender feel secure against the risk involved regarding the non payment.

To avail the cheaper or low cost loan the person must not only consider the interest rate but also other cost involved in it. And the sum of interest rate and cost is termed as annual percentage rate. The low APR enable to save money which can be used to satisfy other needs of a person.

Generally, the lender offers two type of interest rate, that is, fixed and variable rate. Fixed rate of interest is secure and the person is required to pay a flat rate to the lender on an amount. On the other hand, in variable rate of interest the person pays interest as per the movement in the market. But, fixed rate is recommended for those who don’t want to undertake risk.

Sometimes, it have been seen that, the loan agreement offering very low and competitive rate of interest involves hidden cost which the borrower comes to know when he has enter in an agreement. For this small print of loan must be considered individually. Because once the person has entered in the agreement, nothing can be done in order to avoid such unfavorable clause. It becomes an obligation for a borrower.

The clauses regarding early repayments, penalties on making late payments etc must be taken into account. The reason behind is that such undesirable payments increases the cost of the loan.

Remember, a low cost loan is that which includes low interest rate, low cost, flexible repayment period, no arrangement cost and no early repayment fee. These above are the features which the person must consider when he is planning to avail low cost loans.