Monday, December 04, 2006

Self Employed Loans : Loans for Entrepreneurs

Self employed loans are the loans provided to persons who are running their own business or enterprise. There are numerous lending firms providing this facility as a large number of people in UK are opting for self employment. And it can be used for any purpose like home improvement, business, car purchase etc. In case of contracted job you can get self employed loan, but cases are different for traditionally employed people and job starters. The credit history in this case is also very important. So it is always beneficial to have a middleman that is a mortgage broker. The benefit is that the broker have a proper idea which lending firms can lend you loan on your desired conditions, especially a self employed loans UK.

Self Employed Loans UK

Also they have approach to the special deals which generally an individual cannot get. The hidden help is there, suppose you apply in a firm and due to some reasons the firm does not lend you the self employed loan, Then it will be stated in your computerized credit scoring at central database, and when you turn up to another lender it will be further shown to him, now this lender can put you down just because another have not trusted on you. This can be prevented by using a middle man. Note that a proper independent financial adviser should be used. Advisers either charge a fee or take a commission from the lenders, one can opt for anyone.

Different prospects in self employed loan

For a traditionally employed contract worker it is a bit difficult, but the lenders can be pleased by showing that any employer has renewed the contract or show them the annual or two years period renewal pattern. Though if you are a job starter your case is considered individually. They will look that how reliable and how employable you are, like seeing your past experience in the field you have started your work or your credit history in market. Short term contract workers cannot claim for the self employed loan until you are experienced to it at least for a year with a renewed contract.

Generally for a self employed loan one’s three year account is asked for, if not available accountants letter will work. Also many lenders put the condition that treading should have been stopped but the opinion varies from lender to lender. The interest rate for self employed loans varies generally from 7.7% to 18.3%.

Self employed loans: an easy way

The lender always wants repayment installments timed so he can see your earning and profits. Now as you are self employed, generally account understates your earning and so your amount of self employed loan is cut down. The way out is to go for a self certification. Here you have to certify you’re earning and not prove it but a drawback here is that the interest rate here may be bit higher, and hence it will not permit you to have a high amount loan

Flexibility available in self employed loans

There is an idea of flexible mortgages. That is your can either miss or cut some of your payments if there is any hard time in your work or you want a career break. The gap hence produced is paid over the odds in your good times, so a credit is made, which can make your future loan plans easier. Strictly take care that timed repayments should be made as to maintain your credit histories as in a self work you can any time need another loan.


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