Monday, November 27, 2006

Cash Shortage during Construction! Avail Construction Loan

A construction loan is the loan that is given to people to meet their cash crisis during the construction of a house. Many a time, people face shortage of cash while the construction is in full swing. In such cases, they need cash within a short notice. A construction loan is the perfect option to handle this situation. These loans are also known as story loans, as lenders offer the loans after being aware of the story behind the construction.

How much can you get ?

As a construction loan, a borrower can borrow the amount, ranging from £50,000- £2,000,000. These loans are mainly short term loans. The amount is repayable as early as borrowers complete the construction and the house is prepared to be dwelt in.

Based on the few factors, the interest rate of a construction loans is decided. These factors are as follows:

•The stage of construction works

•The agreement among all the parties, involved in this construction, like, borrowers, lenders and contractors.

What about Repayment ?

But, in this context, one thing is necessary to mention. Since, these loans are offered for a short period of time, hence, the interest rate of this loan is a bit higher. Usually, the interest rate is available with adjustable and variable rates options. At the same time, the repayment option of a construction loan needs to be mentioned. Borrowers can pay off the amount with small interest only repayment. Due to this reason, borrowers can enjoy the benefit of lower installment option.

While opting for a construction loan, many borrowers can opt for construction to permanent loan program. In this program, the construction loan is transformed into mortgage loan after issuing the certificate of possession. But by availing this option, borrowers need not pay for two loans. If your construction loan is transformed in mortgage loan, there will be one application and one closing.

Find the best loan for you !

Like secured loan, in case of construction loan, there is a possibility of collateral repossession. Since, borrowers need to use their residence as collateral, hence if the amount is not repaid, their collateral will be at risk. So, a sound decision is required before applying for this loan. In such cases, experts’ advice can be advantageous, which will guide you to choose the right option.


For assisting people financially in their construction work, the construction loan is customized. This loan is available for a short period of time. But in future, borrowers can convert this loan into mortgage. In case of coping up with sudden cash needs during construction work, the importance of this loan is unavoidable.


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